1 Colour - HDRI#

A Python package implementing various HDRI processing algorithms.

It is open source and freely available under the BSD-3-Clause terms.


1.1 Features#

The following features are available:

  • HDRI Generation

  • Debevec (1997) Camera Response Function Computation

  • Grossberg (2003) Histogram Based Image Sampling

  • Variance Minimization Light Probe Sampling

  • Global Tonemapping Operators

  • Adobe DNG SDK Colour Processing

  • Absolute Luminance Calibration

  • Digital Still Camera (DSC) Exposure Model

  • Raw Processing Helpers

  • Vignette Characterisation & Correction

1.1.1 Examples#

Various usage examples are available from the examples directory.

1.2 User Guide#

1.3 API Reference#

1.4 See Also#

1.4.1 Publications#

Advanced High Dynamic Range Imaging: Theory and Practice was used as a reference for some of the algorithms of Colour - HDRI.

1.4.2 Software#


Piccante was used to verify the Grossberg (2003) Histogram Based Image Sampling.


1.5 Code of Conduct#

The Code of Conduct, adapted from the Contributor Covenant 1.4, is available on the Code of Conduct page.

1.6 Contact & Social#

The Colour Developers can be reached via different means:

1.7 About#

Colour - HDRI by Colour Developers
Copyright 2015 Colour Developers – colour-developers@colour-science.org
This software is released under terms of BSD-3-Clause: https://opensource.org/licenses/BSD-3-Clause