Camera Calibration

Absolute Luminance - Lagarde (2016)


absolute_luminance_calibration_Lagarde2016(…) Performs absolute Luminance calibration of given RGB panoramic image using Lagarde (2016) method.
upper_hemisphere_illuminance_weights_Lagarde2016(…) Computes upper hemisphere illuminance weights for use with applications unable to perform the computation directly, i.e.

Debevec (1997)


g_solve(Z, B[, l_s, w, n]) Given a set of pixel values observed for several pixels in several images with different exposure times, this function returns the imaging system’s response function \(g\) as well as the log film irradiance values \(lE\) for the observed pixels.
camera_response_functions_Debevec1997(…[, …]) Returns the camera response functions for given image stack using Debevec (1997) method.